Ali Younes

Ali is a PhD researcher at the iROSA group at TU Darmstadt (since September 2021). Ali is working on Robot learning for long-horizon manipulation tasks under the supervision of Dr. Georgia Chalvatzaki.
Before starting his PhD, Ali completed his master’s degree in Mechatronics and Robotics at Bauman Moscow State Technical University (Russia) in 2020. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering from Tishreen University (Syria) – 2017.

Research Interests

Robotics, Reinforcement Learning, Computer vision, Natural Language Processing

Key references

Ali Younes, Simone Schaub-Meyer, and Georgia Chalvatzaki. “Entropy-driven Unsupervised Keypoint Representation Learning in Videos” ICML 2023. Paper , Poject page , Code

Georgia Chalvatzaki, Ali Younes, Daljeet Nandha, An Le, Leonardo F. R. Ribeiro, Iryna Gurevych. “Learning to Reason over Scene Graphs: A Case Study of Finetuning GPT-2 into a Robot Language Model for Grounded Task Planning”. Paper


Ali Younes
TU Darmstadt, FG PEARL,
Hochschulstr. 10, 64289 Darmstadt
Office. Room D202, Building S2|02

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