Sohan Rudra

Sohan Rudra joined the PEARL group at TU Darmstadt as a PhD researcher in September 2023. He is working under the supervision of Prof. Georgia Chalvatzaki in the domain of multi-task planning and understanding with guarantees.

Sohan has also spent two years at Google Research, India working as a researcher with Dr. Gaurav Aggarwal and Dr. Claudio Gentile on search and planning based methods for object-goal navigation. He holds M.Sc & B.Sc degrees in Mathematics and Computing from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.

Research Interests

Planning, Reinforcement Learning, Representation Learning, Grounding & Safety

Key references

S. Rudra, S. Goel, A. Santara, C. Gentile, L. Perron, F. Xia, V. Sindhwani, C. Parada, G. Aggarwal, “A Contextual Bandit Approach for Learning to Plan in Environments with Probabilistic Goal Configurations,” 2023 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA), London, United Kingdom, 2023, pp. 5645-5652.

A. Santara, S. Rudra, S. A. Buridi, M. Kaushik, A. Naik, B. Kaul, B. Ravindran, “MADRaS: Multi Agent Driving Simulator,” Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research 70 (2021) 1517-1555.

GRK Kiran, IK Deo, S Haldar, S Rudra, et. al.(2019). “Design and Implementation of Autonomous Ground Vehicle for Constrained Environments,” Third IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing (IRC), 2019, pp. 236-239.


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Sohan Rudra
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