On-going Theses

Rolf Gattung2023Georgia ChalvatzakiDavide Tateo,
Marija Popovic
B.Sc.Active neural scene understanding for robotics
Han Gao2023Georgia Chalvatzaki,
Despoina Paschalidou
M.Sc.AffordanceParts: Learning Explainable Object Parts with Invertible Neural Networks
Sabin Grube2023Snehal JauhriM.Sc.Combining Deep Reinforcement Learning and 3D Vision for Dual-arm Robotic Tasks
Xiaolin Lin2023Ali YounesM.Sc.Teacher-Student Ray-based Explicit shape learning for instance segmentation
Rickmer Krohn2022Georgia Chalvatzaki, Ali YounesM.Sc.Multi-sensorial Deep Reinforcement Learning with Interpretable Transformer Layers in Robotic Tasks