Completed Theses

StudentSupervisor(s)TypeTitleGraduation Year
Patzwahl, A.G. ChalvatzakiM.Sc.Multi-sensor Fusion for Target Motion Prediction with an Application to Robot Baseball2021
Zhang, K.G. Chalvatzaki,
P. Liu,
D. Tateo
M.Sc.Learning Geometric Constraints for Safe Robot Interactions2022
Schneider, J. G. Chalvatzaki,
C. D’Eramo
M.Sc.Model Predictive Policy Optimization amidst Inaccurate Models2022
Frisch, Y.G.Chalvatzaki,
A. Younes
M.Sc.Analysis of self-supervised keypoint detection methods for robot learning2022
Nandha, D. G. Chalvatzaki,
A. Youne,
A. Le
M.Sc.Leveraging Large Language Models for Autonomous Task Planning2022
Niessing, M.G. Chalvatzaki,
S. Jauhri
M.Sc.Attention-based Object Pose Estimation in Cluttered Scenes2023